Aft Fuselage

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         Aft Box Parts


          More Aft Box Parts


       Cross Ties & Horizontals


        Close Up of the Angles


            Aft Shear Web & Angles


      Seat Belt Attachments



           Cross Tie Box Final Drilled



               Right Side Aft Panel


                    Right Side Upper Splice


                    Right Side Lower Splice



                       Side View


                      Opposite side view


                           Left Front View Of Cross Ties


                       Right Front View Of Cross Ties



            Upper Cross Tie


            Front Cross Tie Box


           Top View of Shoulder Harness Attachment


             Side View of Attachment


           Side View of Tail Cone


          Bottom View of Shear Web


            Bottom of Tail Cone


         Top view of Shear Web



                Completed Fuselage


                   Another View of Fuselage